We treat the gearbox as an engine component on the one hand, and as a separate device on the other, which requires high-quality maintenance and technical standards. During routine overhauls, we carry out an in-depth analysis of the condition of couplings, clutch plates, bearings, gearbox foundation checks, etc. Our knowledge and experience of these overhauls allows us to always properly define the scope of repair work needed as well as the scope of parts and assemblies to be replaced. Our contacts and market knowledge allow us to supply both OEM and non-OEM replacement parts - particularly when, for example, a particular range is no longer officially supported (available) on the market.

In addition to typical gearbox inspections and maintenance, we also carry out

supply of spare parts


replacement of flexible couplings

reconditioning and renovation works

Many years of practice have allowed us to specialise in gearboxes from manufacturers such as: